Georgia Invades Breakaway Territory – War With Russia Declared

Putin & Bush at Beijing Ceremony as war breaks out on the old front.

In the past 24 hours Georgia invaded the separatist region of South Ossetia with it’s population of over 70% Russian citizens. Georgia bombed the Tskhinvali at night and proceeded to invade with tanks and infantry. 10 russian peacekeepers were killed as were up to thousands of civilians. Rumors suggest that russia responded by sending at least 3 jets to the area where Georgian officials claim they were shot down.
Russia has sent up to 150 tanks and unknown numbers of infantry across the russian border into the troubled area. Russia’s military is approximately 20 times the size of Georgia’s.

Georgia bombards South Ossetia.

Georgia bombards South Ossetia.


NATO AND USA – The Cold War continues…

Georgia’s pro-western president has pushed for his country to be integrated with the EU and NATO whose organizations are quickly fencing in the old soviet power, much to the displeasure of the Kremlin. 
The US has at least 1000 marines based in Georgia who have been providing training the country’s military. President Bush stated today that he respects the integrity of Georgia’s borders. Russia is the only country to recognize South Ossetia’s autonomy, an autonomy the region officially enjoyed when it was a part of the Soviet Union.

ISRAEL – Military advisers in Georgia and Caspian pipeline interest.

Georgia has commisioned up to 1000 Israeli military advisers from an Israeli security firm. They also purchased weapons, intelligence and electronic warfare systems from Israel. Israel depends on Georgia for the safety of the Caspian pipeline which provides oil to Jerusulem.

IRAN – Russian Nuclear Trade

Israel may have a tense relationship with the Russians due to the trade of products from Russia to Iran for use in it’s nuclear power project, a project elements of the Whitehouse and Israel claim is actually about developing a nuclear warhead.


Although the past 15 years in Georgia have been troublesome, it is hard to say “who started it”. However it was first announced that Georgia had invaded the area on Friday, war was later declared. There are also unconfirmed reports that Georgia was involved in ethnic clensing in the area. The president of Georgia has appealed to the world for support. However Russia officially asked for UN aid weeks earlier.


(Sources: CNN, Sky News, DEBKAFile, Infowars, AP)

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