Pro-West Balkan States condemn Russia’s Invasion of Separatist Regions

Poland claims Russia is acting unlawfully

The International Herald & Tribune reports:

Poland’s President Lech Kaczynski condemned Russia’s role in the conflict, saying that Moscow’s military actions “run counter to international law and are an act of aggression.” Link

Reuters reports Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland condemn Russia in joint statements. Link

Ukraine threatens Russia

Associated Press reports Ukraine says it reserves the right to bar Russian navy and that Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry said the deployment of a Russian naval squadron to Georgia’s Black sea coast has the potential of drawing Ukraine into the conflict. Link

NATO’s Eastern Front

Ukraine and Geordia have been pushing for NATO membership. Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania are NATO states. The Czech Republic is also a NATO state however the unpopularity of the NATO Missile Defence installations maybe why the country has not voiced condemnation of Russia’s activities in Georgia.

As previously reported, war broke out in the separatist region of Georgia after Georgia (with Israeli and possibly US aid) attacked the capital of the region killing 10 to 15 Russian peace-keepers as well as civilians. Up to 90% of the civilian population in South Ossetia are Russian citizens (BBC).

Russia Today (television) reports an eyewitness account from a S. Ossetian woman making the claim she has seen, amongst the dead in the conflict, a man in black uniform with the American flag on his shoulder. has relayed the story with the video clip.

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