US Soldier Captured by Russia

A report from Russian newspaper Izvestia claims an African-American soldier was captured with some Georgian soldiers. He has apparently been transferred to the Russian Vladikavkaz army base. If these claims are true the question has to be whether he was actively involved in the conflict. 

US training Georgia in ordinances.

US training Georgia in ordinances.

The Georgians he was supposedly detained with specialize in handling ordinances. What is known is that US soldiers have been training the Georgian military in dealing with ordinances. The above photo is from a US military website describing US training Georgia in precisely that.

Is this the captured US soldier in Russian custody.

Questionable photograph used by Life News. Nevertheless, the capture is confirmed by many Russian media outlets in radio, TV, web and press.

The Russian article was found by the War News Updates blog, the Russian newspaper’s website is inaccessible at this time in London. However, Russian magazine Life News is also reporting this story and has published the above photograph. The publication suggests he may be a NATO instructor.

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