Bloody Cost of the New World Order in Georgia

Socialist Worker - new world order article.
Socialist Worker – new world order article. 

Socialist Worker in Britain reports the war in Georgia is an integral part of the US-led “war on terror” and the “drive to war across the globe”. Lindsey German notes the unbelievable rhetoric from George Bush. “Russia has invaded a sovereign neighbouring state… Such an action is unacceptable in the 21st century.” 

The article then notes the invasion of other sovereign nations by the US under Bush. German confirms that Georgia attacked South Ossetia and goes on to suggest Georgia was probably given the green light by the US to do so.

Link to the British socialist newspaper here.

The NATO problem 

A column on page 4 and 5 claims that the US broke a “gentlemen’s agreement” made in 1991 where the USA would not expand it’s military influence into Eastern Europe. When NATO members Poland and the Czech Republic agreed to host missile defence systems, Russia threatened to retaliate with military-technical methods (Times Online).The Socialist Worker notes, if Georgia became a full NATO member it would pose a direct threat to Russia.

The Separatists
 and the West’s Puppet

South Ossetia enjoyed relative autonomy from 1917 as a Soviet Republic, separate to that of Georgia. In 1990 Georgia’s government abolished South Ossetia’s autonomy, shortly after Georgia declared independence from Russia. This was swiftly followed with  South Ossetia declaring independence from Georgia. Georgia reacted by sending in troops, the South Osetians pushed the Georgian troops out and soon after the Russians stepped in to back the “breakaway province”. Since then Russia has kept close relations with the region. Despite recent elections resulting in South Ossetians voting overwhelmingly for full independence, not one member of the UN will recognize their sovereignty.

When Saakashvili became president after the Rose Revolution, growing disillusionment exploded into mass demonstrations in Georgia which were crushed by riot police. Saakashvili accused dissenters of being “Russian Stooges”. When Russia increased it’s ties with South Ossetia, in response to NATO’s Polish and Czech missile defence plan, Georgia threatened to invade South Ossetia.

The ties between the Georgian president and  the US are indeed strong. Posters of George Bush with Saakashvili line the streets of Tsibili and the road to the international airport is called George W Bush Avenue.


One Response to Bloody Cost of the New World Order in Georgia

  1. morris108 says:

    NWO is like an umbrella metaphor for a lot of different groups. But yes, it does mean war after war.

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