French, British and US Navy headed to Iran

Is France on the war path allied with the US and Britain in the Gulf?


French jets on US carriers, July 24th 2008.

French jets on US carriers, July 24th 2008.


PressTV reports the USS Iwo Jima will be joining the 2 US battle groups previously reported heading to Iran (see article). The Americans will also be joined by a British battle group and a French Hunter-Killer nuclear submarine. This would be the first instance of the French allying with US/UK activity in the Gulf, although France has committed to the war in Afghanistan through NATO’s ISAF. F&I is hearing reports that the USS T. Roosevelt is carying multiple French Naval Rafale fighter jets (, LiveLeak). Leaked photographic and video evidence of the jets on US carriers are spreading over the internet. With Sarkozy as president, France’s “refusenik” policy to military intervention in the middle-east may be changing as the above evidence suggests. His foreign minister Bernard Kouchner has voiced tough opinions on the tension over Iran back in September 2007 (BBC).

F&I is aware there maybe many more naval battle groups heading to Iran, but has not been able to confirm the alarmingly detailed reports as of yet.

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