About F&I

UK based independent media bringing you news and analysis from around the world. F&I scours the broadest range of sources to cover all angles of breaking events, making it easier for you to “read between the lines”.

Policy and Direction of F&I Media

Free & Independent is dedicated to reporting the news free of political and national prejudice. Where an issue of importance is proclaimed, F&I seeks to raise the issue in the hope that it is responded to by it’s intended audience. F&I is founded on the belief that all disputes can be resolved through a logical debate at the round table of democracy. Facts must be put to the test so that parties involved may reach the same free and independent conclusion.

Independent media is providing humanity with the logical alternative choice from the mainstream media, all too often affected by the corporate and political propaganda machines.

This speech by John F. Kennedy to the press summarizes F&I’s moral standing.

Policy on Comments

F&I will allow comments provided they are factual and do not include any slander. Save your opinions for the forums. Formal organizations and individuals who are concerned parties may be exempt from this. Ping backs and trackbacks are usually accepted.


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