Robert Rubin Ponzi Scheme – Media Silence

December 29, 2008

The Rubin Ponzi Scheme.

Madoff makes headlines as former Treasury Secretary, Robert Rubin, slips under the media’s radar.

On 4 december 2008, the New York Post announced a federal lawsuit had been filed against Citigroup’s Robert Rubin, and former citi CEO, Prince.

The 2 are alleged to have played a role in a Ponzi scheme which has wiped out trillions of dollars worldwide.

The lawsuit says Citigroup’s shareholder value lost over 122 billion dollars. This would suggest that Rubin is accused of involvement in a scheme that would dwarf that of Madoff.

When the news broke of Madeoff’s scheme, the media jumped to cover the story. Time magazine even suggested the story as a contender in the top 10 scandals of 2008.

Why was the New York Post the only mainstream media source to have covered Robert Rubin’s story?

The independent media and the blogosphere picked up on it though. LiveLeak and other sites on the internet noted conspiracy researcher Henry Makow highlighting Rubin’s high profile links to the president elect Barack Hussein Obamah, as a possible reason for the silence. Rubin’s son Jamie was the main fund raiser on Wall Street for Obama.

Infact, the Wall Street Journal pointed out that Obama’s aides have Rubin down as a contender for treasury secretary. Both the New York Times and the Times of London refer to Rubin’s influence in Obama’s selection of his economic team, dubbed, the Robert Rubin Memorial All Stars.

While a wide spectrum of the media brought the sensationalism of madeoff’s scheme to the public. Rubin’s potentially more destructive scheme, has received virtually no coverage at all.


Bloody Cost of the New World Order in Georgia

August 12, 2008
Socialist Worker - new world order article.
Socialist Worker – new world order article. 

Socialist Worker in Britain reports the war in Georgia is an integral part of the US-led “war on terror” and the “drive to war across the globe”. Lindsey German notes the unbelievable rhetoric from George Bush. “Russia has invaded a sovereign neighbouring state… Such an action is unacceptable in the 21st century.” 

The article then notes the invasion of other sovereign nations by the US under Bush. German confirms that Georgia attacked South Ossetia and goes on to suggest Georgia was probably given the green light by the US to do so.

Link to the British socialist newspaper here.

The NATO problem 

A column on page 4 and 5 claims that the US broke a “gentlemen’s agreement” made in 1991 where the USA would not expand it’s military influence into Eastern Europe. When NATO members Poland and the Czech Republic agreed to host missile defence systems, Russia threatened to retaliate with military-technical methods (Times Online).The Socialist Worker notes, if Georgia became a full NATO member it would pose a direct threat to Russia.

The Separatists
 and the West’s Puppet

South Ossetia enjoyed relative autonomy from 1917 as a Soviet Republic, separate to that of Georgia. In 1990 Georgia’s government abolished South Ossetia’s autonomy, shortly after Georgia declared independence from Russia. This was swiftly followed with  South Ossetia declaring independence from Georgia. Georgia reacted by sending in troops, the South Osetians pushed the Georgian troops out and soon after the Russians stepped in to back the “breakaway province”. Since then Russia has kept close relations with the region. Despite recent elections resulting in South Ossetians voting overwhelmingly for full independence, not one member of the UN will recognize their sovereignty.

When Saakashvili became president after the Rose Revolution, growing disillusionment exploded into mass demonstrations in Georgia which were crushed by riot police. Saakashvili accused dissenters of being “Russian Stooges”. When Russia increased it’s ties with South Ossetia, in response to NATO’s Polish and Czech missile defence plan, Georgia threatened to invade South Ossetia.

The ties between the Georgian president and  the US are indeed strong. Posters of George Bush with Saakashvili line the streets of Tsibili and the road to the international airport is called George W Bush Avenue.

South Ossetia Crisis Update

August 11, 2008

Israel Blocks Arms Sales to Georgia

Russia Today has reported that Israel is to stop all arms sales with Georgia following a complaint from Moscow. link

Russia moves into Georgia outside of South Ossetia

Georgia claims it ordered a ceasefire on Sunday morning, Russia claims that Georgia’s military was still engaged and had not respected the ceasefire (BBC).

Talk of Georgian War Crimes and Genocide

American eye-witness condemns America’s support for georgia and refers to genocide at the hands of Georgia. See the above video from Russia Today. The Russian broadcaster also reports both Russian president and prime-minister accusing Georgia of genocide. link

US Soldier Captured by Russia

August 11, 2008

A report from Russian newspaper Izvestia claims an African-American soldier was captured with some Georgian soldiers. He has apparently been transferred to the Russian Vladikavkaz army base. If these claims are true the question has to be whether he was actively involved in the conflict. 

US training Georgia in ordinances.

US training Georgia in ordinances.

The Georgians he was supposedly detained with specialize in handling ordinances. What is known is that US soldiers have been training the Georgian military in dealing with ordinances. The above photo is from a US military website describing US training Georgia in precisely that.

Is this the captured US soldier in Russian custody.

Questionable photograph used by Life News. Nevertheless, the capture is confirmed by many Russian media outlets in radio, TV, web and press.

The Russian article was found by the War News Updates blog, the Russian newspaper’s website is inaccessible at this time in London. However, Russian magazine Life News is also reporting this story and has published the above photograph. The publication suggests he may be a NATO instructor.

Info War around Georgia Conflict

August 10, 2008


The BBC and CNN have reported on their televised broadcasts that Russia attacked Georgia. This is a slight distortion as the russian attack was in fact a counter attack following the attack by Georgia on South Ossetia and the Russian Peace-keepers.

The BBC’s broadcast has also referred to the “1000” georgian dead. Their has been no mention of the “1500” S. Ossetians killed in Georgia’s attack as reported on Russia Today’s broadcast.

Russian News Websites Down

As reported earlier on this site, for a period over several hours, the website of Russian news agency RIAN could not be accessed. Chimes Of Freedom website also reported not being able to access the site, they also report the site for Russia Today was inaccessible for a while.

AHN Reports US Navy build up in the Gulf

August 9, 2008
US Aircraft Carrier

US Aircraft Carrier

The USS Theodore Roosevelt and the USS Ronald Reagan are reported to be headed to the gulf. Kuwait began finalizing its “emergency war plan” on being told the vessels were bound for the region.

This confirms to some degree an earlier report by Timothy Alexander (writing under the alias Lord Stirling) that a massive naval fleet or “armada” is heading towards Iran.

The Strait of Homuz sees between 20% and 40% of the world’s oil supply pass through, making it one of the world’s strategically important chokepoints.

Article links below.

US Armada heads for Iran

August 9, 2008

Dozens of US war ships are headed to the Gulf having completed the recent Operation Brimstone war-games with French and UK navy. A British naval fleet may also be on it’s way. The detailed report comes from a British/Canadian peer living in the USA. View his post at the below link.

Many news outlets have reported on Operation Brimstone but as of the time of this article, no press agency or mainstream news service has reported on the fleet heading to Iran. George Bush is at the Olympic Games in Beijing.